Why we need your help

Why we need your help

The Round Church has been undergoing a programme of extensive repair and renovation over the last three years. Before the works started, the interior plasterwork had cracked and was crumbling and the stonework around the windows and doors was deteriorating badly due to the extreme damp inside the church.
At the outset, we needed to raise around £100,000 to treat these problems and to prevent further damage occurring in the future. We are almost half way in raising the funds and have made significant progress with the repairs. There is still a way to go, however, and we need to raise the money to complete the works over the next two to three years.

To date, the following works have been completed:
• The replacement of all the gutters and downpipes to keep the rain away from the fabric of the church
• The digging of a “French drain” around the church to prevent rain from collecting around the foundations
• The removal of the internal plasterwork and re-plastering in breathable lime mortar after a suitable period to permit the underlying stonework to dry out

The works which still need to be undertaken are:
• The repair of the stonework around the windows and doors, both externally and internally
• The removal of all of the cement pointing around the flintwork on the exterior of the church and the replacement with a suitable lime mortar to allow the interior of the church to breathe

The Round Church Restoration Appeal was launched in 2010 to fund these works which were clearly not part of the normal maintenance and running costs of the church. We urgently need your help to finish this project to protect this lovely church now and for the future.

Once the restoration is complete, we will then aim to contribute funds towards the on-going improvement and maintenance of the fabric of the Round Church.









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